Insight to Visa for Thailand to US Immigrant Spouse

Thailand-to-US-Immigrant-SpouseIn order to enter Thailand, you should obtain a visa, this country permits Russian citizen without a visa. Thailand is the top tourist destination all over the world, you know every year this country exaggerates the number of alien tourists. Most of the morevisas customer reviews suggest that this is the reason why most of the Americans visit Thailand, without knowing them; they fall in love not only with the culture but also with the few residents.

When the couple of Thai-American decided to get married, they have to take the decision of settling down. As you know, not every individual think in the same way, so some of the couples decided to stay in Thailand, but many of them take the decision to get back to their home country with their Thai wife and get the visa for his wife to return.

Different types of Immigrant Visas for Thai Spouses by using morevisas Chennai review

  • CR-1 Visa

You should know this; the acronym of CR-1 visa is a Conditional Resident 1 visa. Ensure that the form I-130 visa petitions have to be filed in order to get a CR-1 visa. This type of visa is for the individual who would like to enter the US as the conditional Permanent visa. This means that the visa holder has some advantages from a permanent resident, but there are some conditions for their residence at some situation this should be lifted in order to remain in the US.

When it comes to the US family immigration factors, the morevisas customer reviews suggest that, using this visa you can conditionally lift after 2 years and ensures that the spouse of US citizen should file the petition in order to discard conditions on residence.

  • IR-1 visa

The acronym of IR-1 is Immediate Relative Visa, this type of visa is especially for the Thai-American couples who have married for over 2 years and decided to immigrate to the US. In order acquire this visa you should file the I-130 petition. Ensure this, the candidate who holds IR-1 visa permit for Unconditional Permanent Residence while they are entering the US. You know, for the Thai-American couples who were married for more than 2 years, and then this visa is really advantageous because here you need to adjust the status.

  • K-3 Non-immigrant Spouse visa

A k-3 is a type of Non-immigrant US visa that is specially designed as an expedited visa for the couple who were already married. The motivation for designing this kind of visa depending on the fact that, when the K-3 visa was designed, it will take more than 3 years to verify an I-130 petition. Nowadays, it usually takes less to examine the I-130 petition. If you compare the timings between the Immigrant Visa and K-3 non-immigrant visa it takes less time compared to first. But the time is the major factor for the individual while making the decision about US immigration, so according to morevisas Chennai review, it might be best to acquire a CR-1 visa and IR-1 visa because both discard the adjustment status.

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