customer-feedback-at-MorevisasWe at Morevisas have found Morevisas feedback extremely important to us. Our customers from across the globe have been able to reach us with their view of how satisfied they are with our service delivery. While the majority of the customer feedbacks we get are positive, for one reason or the other, we have also gotten some negative feedback and have tried to make amends where necessary.

We understand the importance of always getting feedbacks from our clients and even as some quarters might want to disagree with the idea of getting feedbacks particularly as it might expose the shortcomings of the organisation, our commitment to optimal service delivery that has ensured that we get positive Morevisas feedback almost always has ensured that we always provide different channels for our clients to reach us and state what they feel about our service delivery.

Customer feedback Effective listening

Through our MoreVisas feedback platforms, we are able to effectively listen to our clients across the globe. From phone calls to surveys and even on-site feedback forms, we collect feedback from our clients across the globe with relative ease. This gives us the opportunity listen to our clients better and more effective.


Our goal is customer satisfaction and getting feedbacks from our clients greatly helps in motivating us to quality service delivery especially when unsatisfied customers state their cases. This also acts as motivation to staff as they get thumbs up from satisfied customers encouraging to do more towards the continuous satisfaction of our clients.

Improved Performance

We cherish the opportunity given to us to improve on our past laurels when customers point out some of our mistakes. Unlike many organizations that mistake feedback for criticism, we at MoreVisas see negative feedback as constructive criticism and build on these feedbacks to improve our service delivery to our customer – potential and existing.

Continuous Learning

We see every Customer feedback as a tool to learn more about our service and the latest updates in the industry. Customer feedbacks do not only tell us how customers feel about how services and how they are delivered, they also update us on the new developments in the industry especially as customers would want to inform you of how a particular firm was able to get their issues resolved when you seem to be lacking in that aspect of your service delivery.

We would always encourage our customer to drop their feedback and reviews to enable us to improve on your strides and deliver better services.

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